The Free Consultation

  • We first provide a free consultation where we will meet you in person and provide a complete an onsite inspection of the area.
  • We request engineering plans for the project to view the specifications. If you do not have engineering plans, we will gladly refer you to one of our trusted partners.
  • First, we look at access to the area. Is the area accessible by truck, tractor, or do we need to wheel barrel the concrete in? Also, is power available or do we need a generator?
  • Second, we establish grades and elevations based on the area
  • Third, we work up a proposal based on all the information above

How We Work

After we come to an agreement on a price upon the free consultation and a contract is signed, there is usually 1 or 2 days of leeway before we officially begin the work

  • First we form up the area
  • Then add dirt to the form per the engineering specifications
  • Plumbing is then installed, if needed
  • Next we grade out beams on the interior based on the engineering specifications
  • Install post-tension cables, steel, or wire mesh depending on the application
  • Inspection by engineer and other parties, if needed
  • We double check all of the dimensions preferably with the customer to confirm everything is as it should be
  • Then we schedule the concrete to get poured and finished
  • We typically remove the form boards the next day
  • Cleanup once this is complete the customer may enjoy their new concrete area whether it be a patio to hang with friends or a new foundation for a home their family will love!